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How Medical Weight Loss Can Help You

Struggling to lose weight no matter what you’re doing? Obesity is a concerning illness, and not all weight loss methods work for everyone. Read on to learn how medical weight loss can help you.

Jul 15th, 2021
The Irresistable Lie!

THE IRRESTITABLE LIE. THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM FOR ADDICTS!!! The "LIE" portends to the addiction by was of the necessity to "hide" from the real problem at hand. Triggers. Let me show you.

Mar 25th, 2021

Expectations cause Failure. People need to understand that "Failure" will lead you to success! We just have to use it correctly!

Mar 18th, 2021
Failure isn’t real.

Failure is an amazing concept. If you don't use it for the power that it has within it, you will lose.

Jan 16th, 2021

No one can make you feel any particular emotion. You as an individual choose your own emotional response. Below are a few examples of what I mean when we choose our own emotional response.

Jan 6th, 2021
Addiction: Primary Emotions

Primary emotions are essential to our happiness. Anger, sadness and fear are necessary primary emotions to get back to happiness.

Dec 16th, 2020