Failure isn’t real.

Failure isn’t real.

Failure pertains most proximately to addiction.

Failure is only failure if you don’t learn from the “perceived failure”.

‘Healthy’ is an healthy emotion if one learns from the emotion. Failure feels unhealthy when it is actually Very healthy emotional reaction/response.

The physical, emotional and spiritual response to “failure” is truly the key. It is the key to healthy success in life. Failure can and will transform you. If one will allow the failure to transform you.

Mistakes feel like failure. Failure is not real. Failure is a perception. Failure is a concept. What you do with “failure” can change your life forever.

Failure creates growth. Failure creates success. Failure creates greatness if the energy is channeled properly.

Failure is a building block. When used in a healthy way, failure can facilitate growth.

Failure is used to ‘stack up steps’ to move to a higher place.

Failure is the most “shocking way” to get your attention for change. Change is God’s way for giving you a new direction.

Failure can make you scared. Fear is powerful and is a great driving force. But it is still healthy. Fear protects the person from harm.

Failure with prolonged episodes of fear and sadness can cause profound anxiety.

Failure with anger after enough time can result in RAGE! Rage is extremely unhealthy because one the rage result inappropriately on another human person.

Failure in time can result in helplessness. A caged animal that is shocked over and over again will eventually stop trying to escape. That animal will stand there and take it over and over and over again until the shocking stops or kills the individual.  

The way you respond to failure can dictate your life and ruin you. Failure is a tool. Learn how to use your tools!!!

The way you respond to failure can dictate your life and make you GREAT!!!

The way you respond to failure can make your destiny.

Fail quickly! Fail frequently and don’t fail comfortably!!! Work hard to understand what the failure means regardless how painful it may be.

Robert J. Hernandez, M.D. I'm an Internal Medicine specialist with a primary focus on addiction. I've been a physician for 30 years. I've practiced in Sherman, Texas for 20 years. I was board certified in Internal Medicine in 1996. I began to work in addiction in 2001. It started with weight loss, yes food because that is in fact a real addiction. The most important thing that I've learned is that the whole point to addiction, and some of you may disagree, is to hide. From 'what' you may ask? We hide from our emotional pain. Those who are addicted knows this. The emotional pain is so great most of us would do anything to get away from that pain. The main issues is how one finds a way to "hide from that pain". There are healthy ways to hide. But most of us are way more familiar with the unhealthy way for hiding. Examples of healthy hiding: golf, church, bowling. Unhealthy ways to hide: alcohol, gambling, illicit drugs, working even food. We feel different when we hide, never better. I can help you to change this.

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