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  • Gwenn  Simmons, CCMA, CPT, CPC
    Gwenn Simmons, CCMA, CPT, CPC
    Clinical Office Manager
  • Karla  Watkins
    Karla Watkins
    Front Desk
  • Omega  Norman
    Omega Norman
    Front Desk
  • Katrina  Reeves
    Katrina Reeves
    Front Desk
  • Christin  Pruitt
    Christin Pruitt
    Medical Assistant
  • Kathy  Watson
    Kathy Watson
    Medical Assistant
  • Carmela   Tillman
    Carmela Tillman
    Medical Assistant
  • Stephanie   Harris
    Stephanie Harris
  • Michelle   Cole
    Michelle Cole
  • Wyatt   Hoover
    Wyatt Hoover
    ANS Tech
Primary Medicine of Sherman
140 West Lamberth Road, Suite C
Sherman, TX 75092
Phone: 903-251-9040
Fax: (903) 813-0953
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