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Sometimes, we all need a little help, whether it be for a rash, a chronic condition, or we just have a question we’d like to ask.

You need to feel comfortable with the primary care doctor you choose to turn to, and that’s where we come in. Our primary care physicians are always on your side, to help you return to health and remain healthy, or for questions you need answering – and even a push in the right direction.

We have several primary health care services available to our patients, which you can read about further below.

SmartBeat Early Diagnostics

Dr Hernandez proudly participates in the SmartBeat program, an early diagnostic tool incorporating testing for anything and everything needed to keep you healthy – and which is fully covered by insurance, at a cost of $700. Being the only preventative care clinic using SmartBeat within a 45-mile radius, it shows our commitment to keeping you healthy – and detecting any early warning signs to do this. Prevention is the best cure, after all.

Testing carried out under the SmartBeat program includes:

  • EKG (carried out by a board certified specialist)
  • Lung function testing,
  • Blood vessel health testing,
  • Glaucoma testing (carried out by a board certified specialist)
  • Early warning of possible stroke,
  • Signs of diabetic eye damage,
  • Early signs of possible blindness,
  • Lab tests,
  • Ultrasound exams of your carotid (neck) arteries, aorta (the large artery that carries blood to your lower body), and your heart, all of which are carried out by board certified specialists.

The results of your tests will be given to you around two weeks after your appointment, where you will be invited to come in and visit us and discuss your results. Should there be abnormalities on these, your insurance will fund in full the cost of an annual repeated examination. For those with an 100% clean bill of health, your insurance will fund in full the cost of a repeated exam every three years.

Come in for your SmartBeat check up at our Sherman, Texas clinic today!

Internal Medicine

If you’re tired of searching for ‘primary doctors near me’, then internal medicine specialists, otherwise known as ‘internists’, are primary care physicians who work exclusively with patients over the age of 18.

They work with adults to help them achieve their health-related goals, or get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Internal medicine specialists can also help treat common health issues and ailments, such as diabetes, respiratory infections, aches and pains and more.

As with other primary care doctors, they are the first port of call for any health-related questions, or other health-related issues, and will refer you to a more specialized doctor where necessary.

Male Preventative Healthcare

The male body changes as it grows older, and we here at Primary Medicine of North Texas understand how to keep you healthy as it does.

Our internal medicine and primary care specialists will discuss any issues you may have or wish to know more about, including:

  • Prostate health, and treating this is necessary,
  • Testosterone levels, diagnosing and treating these if they are too low or high,
  • Physical fitness-related issues or queries
  • Supplemental vitamin therapy (if necessary),
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment and recovery,
  • Mental health counseling,
  • Other male-related hormonal issues

Additionally, we recommend that male patients undergo our innovative, all-in-one diagnostic service SmartBeat (more info above), for a regular full internal and external checkup.

Female Preventative Healthcare

The female body is especially prone to change as it grows older and after major lifecycle events including pregnancy and childbirth and later, menopause. It is therefore vital for women to be regularly and thoroughly checked at key life stages, both for preventative measures and to treat any irregularities arising.

Female preventative health focuses on:

  • Checking estrogen levels, and treating these if necessary,
  • Mammography – after a certain age, and with regular check ups,
  • Pap smears – regularly (from every two years) from the age of 21,
  • Healthy diet and nutritional counseling,
  • Testosterone levels, and treating these if necessary
  • Other female-related hormonal issues
  • Mental health counseling

In addition to the above female-related diagnostics and services, all female patients are invited and encouraged to the all-in-one SmartBeat preventative care and wellness diagnostic program, mentioned in more detail above.

Primary Care As A First Step

Primary care need not be about curing something in the short-term – it may be the first step in a process to change a patient’s life, with primary doctors being the first port of call to provide long-term, lifelong solutions in many cases.

You might want to visit your primary care physician to discuss how to begin the process of:

  • Anxiety and depression treatment
  • PTSD counseling
  • Fertility-related treatment
  • Medical-elated cosmetic surgery
  • Medical weight loss

And more. Your primary care doctor is always on your side, and will give you impartial, expert advice on the best next steps for youto take, and in some cases will refer you to a specialist.

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