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To enjoy optimal whole-body wellness, you need to have a men’s health provider who genuinely cares. At Primary Medicine of Sherman in Sherman, Texas, Robert Hernandez, MD, monitors chronic conditions, helps with preventive care, and ensures hormone levels remain in balance. Use the online scheduler or call the office today.

Men's Health Q & A

What kinds of health problems are common in men today?

Men can be vulnerable to a variety of health problems, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Hormone depletion (low testosterone)
  • Respiratory disease
  • Prostate disease

Men are also more susceptible to alcohol-related injuries and illnesses, including some types of cancer, than their female counterparts are. 

What does a men's health checkup include?

Dr. Hernandez and his nurse practitioner, Dacodah LaBarge, personalize your men's health checkup according to your situation and specific set of needs. 

The exam may include:

  • Height and weight measurement
  • Visual and hearing examination
  • Body mass index calculation
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Diabetes screening
  • Ultrasound to check for abdominal aortic aneurysm 
  • Prostate, colorectal, colon, lung, and skin cancer screenings
  • Immunizations, including flu, pneumonia, and shingles
  • Mental health screening

If you’re dealing with chronic conditions like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, Dr. Hernandez and his team will review your current care plan with you and then make any necessary changes to help you better manage your disease.

If you’re experiencing new health problems, or if you have any new concerns, your men’s health checkup is the best possible time to discuss these things with your care provider. 

Don’t let embarrassment hold you back from getting the help you need for problems like low libido, erectile dysfunction, or hair loss. In many cases, your unpleasant physical symptoms may be easily treated with testosterone replacement therapy.

The team is also highly skilled at treating mental health and addiction issues, so don’t be afraid to share your concerns with Dr. Hernandez and his team.

How often do I need a men's health checkup?

Generally, Primary Medicine of Sherman recommends that men have annual checkups. If you're dealing with any major ongoing health problems, you may need checkups more frequently. 

By scheduling regular men’s health checkups, you can ensure that you look and feel your best for the rest of your life. Click the online scheduler or call the location of Primary Medicine of Sherman nearest you for help today.