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A women’s health visit at Primary Medicine of Sherman in Sherman, Texas, is the ideal way to identify health problems before they start. Robert Hernandez, MD, is dedicated to supporting women at every age with standard screenings and examinations. Click the online scheduler or call the office to book your appointment today.

Women's Health Q & A

What happens in a women's health exam?

Your women's health exam at Primary Medicine of Sherman includes a checkup of your reproductive wellness as well as your whole-body health. Dr. Hernandez and Dacodah LaBarge, customize your women's health exam to suit your needs. 

The typical women's health exam checks:

  • Height and weight  
  • Body mass index 
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Reproductive health (pelvic exam)
  • Breast health (clinical breast exam)

You may need some blood and urine tests, such as cholesterol or STD tests, based on your current health and lifestyle. 

Depending on how long it's been since your last Pap smear or HPV test, you may need a screening as part of your exam. Most women 21-65 need cervical cancer screening every three years, but you may need more frequent testing based on Primary Medicine of Sherman recommendations.

You'll discuss your birth control plan as well, and review any other prescription medications you’re currently taking. If you're going through menopause or suffer from estrogen depletion for some other reason, you can also receive hormone replacement therapy during your women’s health exam.

A woman's health exam is a good opportunity to discuss any ongoing or new health concerns, as well. 

What kind of birth control should I choose?

You can choose from a wide range of birth control options, including:

  • Birth control pill
  • Intrauterine device
  • Birth control implant
  • Birth control patch
  • Birth control injection
  • Diaphragm
  • Vaginal ring

There are also nonprescription options like condoms and spermicides. You can discuss all the options with Dr. Hernandez or Dacodah LaBarge to find the ideal plan for your needs. 

How often do I need a women's health exam?

Most women should have a women's health exam at least once a year. But, your checkup frequency really depends on your overall health and your ongoing issues.

If you're dealing with any new health problems, want to make a change in your current health regimen, or have some health concerns that you want to discuss, don't hesitate to schedule an exam as soon as possible. 

The Primary Medicine of Sherman team is here to help women of all ages enjoy vibrant health and wellness. Use the online appointment maker or call the Sherman or Plano location to schedule now.